Her Animals by Emily Johnston (2nd Ed.)

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HerAnimals (Johnston) cover.jpg

Her Animals by Emily Johnston (2nd Ed.)


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2016 Washington State Book Award Finalist

Her Animals asks all the questions for which there are no answers right now. They are the right, hard questions, the ones about hummingbirds and dogs and mountain lions and love for other humans too. 

 —Juliana Spahr
    author of Well Then There Now

Emily Johnston’s Her Animals is an extraordinary exploration of what it can mean to think, truly think, about our relation to the planet and to ourselves. The austere beauty of its language, the spiritual use of its white spaces, the boldness of its imagination, the piercing truth of its sense of creatures great and small which we have destroyed and are destroying, is matched by the author’s honest self-implication. Every day, she meditates, waking up in this ravishing world. Knowing.

 —Alicia Ostriker
    author of No Heaven

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